OUYA News, A Tofu Tail Updates

alchemedium —  February 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

For this week’s post I thought take a moment to talk about the recent OUYA news that has been making its way around the internet.


First, a host of controller revisions; our favorite being a revised d-pad.  It’s not news to those who follow our updates that the d-pad on our early dev kit controller was not on our list of favorite things.  It looks like they’ve changed it from a “disc” shaped d-pad, to a “cross style” d-pad to increase accuracy.  It still reminds me of the Xbox 360 d-pad, so time will tell if this revision will be for the better.  Other revisions include:

  • Rubberized thumb-stock grips
  • More responsive touch pad
  • Improved trigger buttons
  • More secure battery bays

It seems they are addressing our other gripe, the trigger buttons, by making them more flush to the topside of the controller.  Hopefully the top triggers won’t be as awkward as they were before.


Next, OUYA will be available to purchase at retail.  This was definitely the most exciting development for us as it means more hands we can potentially get our game into!  As of today, GameStop, Best Buy, Target and Amazon are taking pre-orders on consoles as well as extra controllers.  Pre-orders filled by these particular retailers are expected to ship in June, roughly three months after the Kickstarter backer’s consoles ship.


Finally, OUYA will release new hardware annually.  This bit of news has been met with mostly negative criticism.  It appears they are adopting the same the strategy that the manufacturers of mobile hardware have used for the last decade or so.  Every year they plan to release new hardware with upgraded components to keep up with advances in mobile technology.  They claim that all purchases will be tied to your account, much like steam, and that all games will be backwards compatible.

This places developers in an “interesting” position.  Do you develop with more powerful future hardware in mind if you plan on having a longer develop cycle, or do you focus on optimizing your game to run smoothly even on first generation consoles?  We are taking a “no comment” stance on their decision for now, as only time will tell how their strategy will pan out for both developers and gamers.

“What about your OUYA game?”  We are so glad you asked!  As promised, below you’ll find update of our progress on A Tofu Tail.  Green means progress!

  • level transitions – 10% -> 50%
  • dialogue and story sequences – 0%
  • menu functionality – 90% -> 95%
  • possible social features – 0%
  • save feature – 80%
  • options – 80%
  • accolade system – 50% -> 60%
  • control customization – 0% -> 5%
  • tutorial – 10%
  • world assets – 20%
  • story scenes – 10%
  • music – 20%
  • sound effects – 20%
  • menus / front end – 20% -> 60%



Indie game developers from Pittsburgh, PA. We are dedicated to bringing you unique audio, visual, and gameplay experiences. Currently developing the story-driven puzzle game "A Tofu Tail" .

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