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alchemedium —  September 29, 2013 — Leave a comment

Hey all!

We just wanted to to let everyone know what has been going on with the alchemedium crew recently; it has been a busy time for all of us.

First and most exciting of all the news: last weekend was Doug’s wedding! The newlyweds are now out and about in Hawaii for their honeymoon. When he gets back he is excited to get back into the groove at alchemedium and speed up our somewhat slowed production.

Secondly, Brolley is heading out next week to the IndieCade independent gaming festival in Culver City, CA! He will be hanging out with other indie developers, seeing some awesome new indie games in action, and networking with other people in the industry.

Andy, also freed up from his recent purchase of a house (I told you things have been busy), has been working hard to finish up the final pieces of the story and dialogue for A Tofu Tail. The plan is to have that mostly finished soon as we move into beta (finally).

We only have a few pieces to add before we can move into beta and start on fixing the minor bugs, balancing, and polishing; namely: dialogue, music, art for 2-3 more worlds. Once we finish these up we hope to put out a couple of videos to show off the progress we have make in the past few months!

Well, that is all for now! Next time look forward to some new art and an update from Brolley about his trip to California. Until then, feel free to comment and throw any questions our way for any curiosities you may have!




Indie game developers from Pittsburgh, PA. We are dedicated to bringing you unique audio, visual, and gameplay experiences. Currently developing the story-driven puzzle game "A Tofu Tail" .

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