Some tofu in your BostonFIG

alchemedium —  September 2, 2014 — Leave a comment

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update for now, but definitely more to come really soon!

First off, we have a bunch of enhancements that we have been making to A Tofu Tail recently; including enhanced keyboard and gamepad support, more progress on the boss stages as to their direction and feel, as well as some improved GUI and menu changes. We’ve been working on these over the past couple of weeks in order to prepare the game for demoing and playtesting – which brings us to topic number 2…

We’ve been accepted to exhibit A Tofu Tail at the Boston Festival of Indie Games coming up in mid-September! We will be displaying the adventures of Mr. Tofu for others to experience for the entirety of the event on September 13th🙂 If you are in the area, stop by to see how you can help Mr. Tofu win back his human body (as well as check out the other awesome games that are going to be there)

And for those who are interested, we have built our initial press kit (more updates to this as we move towards completion of the game) and have the web and downloadable versions available.

Until next update, keep on ploppin’!




Indie game developers from Pittsburgh, PA. We are dedicated to bringing you unique audio, visual, and gameplay experiences. Currently developing the story-driven puzzle game "A Tofu Tail" .

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