alchemedium at IndieCade and a Progress Update

alchemedium —  October 24, 2014 — Leave a comment

Hey all, just wanted to throw out a quick update on progress and what’s been a-happening at alchemedium recently!

We have been hitting the development pretty aggressively recently – partially due to the reduction in “real job” hours and intensity; though also because of our most recent journey that has taken us all the way across the country to Los Angeles for the IndieCade Festival! Like last year, this was an amazing experience of seeing a ton of influential new games, with all of their quirkiness and innovation. The people that we meet at these things are always a highlight, with each passing convention and festival getting better and better as we meet up with old and new friends.


This was good motivation for the past two weeks, though causing some negligence on following up with said awesome people… motivation to work tirelessly on cleaning up A Tofu Tail for both submitting to the Independent Games Festival, as well as preparing for alpha testing.


Recently implemented a 3-tier rewards system for story mode (though temporarily with placeholder art) along with par times for each stage. Boss stage have also been improved upon with a failure indicator to visualize where the failure conditions will be triggered. This is very basic at the moment and needs to be polished like mad, however… >.<




Built several new levels for the tengu mechanic to get a feel for what was going to work and get practice in the tofu puzzle level design.




Sean has been working on concept art for dialogue, cover art, some story scenes. They all look awesome and we will soon decide on the direction and start the work on the production versions.


Tom has been remastering some of the previously created tracks, cleaning up some of the guitar work and crisping things up! He has also been working on completing the last two songs for the core music set (the remaining Spacetime Realm levels) – they are gonna be stellar!


We have been working with Andy a lot recently on finalizing the story script for books the first half of the game – and added that dialogue into the game builds up until Book 3: The Oni’s Club. The story has been a bit revamped to be more immersive and character driven, and we have settled on the key story points. Lots of tweaking and re-reading, with Andy working on new dialogue for the recent story and game mechanic changes.

Bug Fixes

We’ve been experiencing some strange Unity animator component issues after publishing a build… Animations haven’t been triggering correctly for some strange reason, and it seems that these only occur by adding new animations to the GameObjects. After some fixes, we are functional again, but still need to work through cleaning up some of the remaining visual issues that have resulted.


A Tofu Tail status progress for October 2014


Next steps

Our current priority is to tackle a bunch of stuff we’ve been pushing off from the marketing and business end of things. Not much to say there other than “tell awesome people about our game!”. Seriously that would help and all the rest at this point is boring stuff 🙂

Please share and feel free to ask any questions – we can definitely go into more detail on this stuff!




Indie game developers from Pittsburgh, PA. We are dedicated to bringing you unique audio, visual, and gameplay experiences. Currently developing the story-driven puzzle game "A Tofu Tail" .

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