First Update of the New Year

alchemedium —  January 21, 2015 — Leave a comment

a tofu tail kitsune boss level preview

Generally, we have made some pretty amazing progress over the past weeks, regardless of how behind we feel. I guess that’s the life of a group of indie devs who aren’t happy with less than quality work, right 😉


Not much has really happened code-wise over the past couple of weeks, other than fixing random bugs that have popped up in our alpha testing. There are a few bugs that have been popping up, but nothing really game breaking – which is very exciting for us!
We do plan to add in a bunch more polish to the game, but the testing and marketing come first for now 😉


We have created a ton of additional levels for A Tofu Tail, bringing the total level count well over 80! These levels span the first six worlds and are currently in the ongoing alpha testing. We anticipate some tweaks to these levels, but the core ideas and progression are there.
The creation of the boss levels are the biggest challenge at this point, mainly since their size is much larger than the standard level and the flow is very important. The boss levels for the first two worlds (and half of the third one) are created and up for alpha testing.


Sean has finished the rough sketches for the A Tofu Tail banner and is about halfway through in completing the coloring. After this, we plan to work on some of the in-game cutscene images as well as character portraits
And as a small bonus, we have some more concept art:

a tofu tail kitsune mask concept art

Music / Narrative

Tom continues to work hard on the ambiance tracks for the dialogue and cutscenes, which should be coming together nicely pretty soon. These tracks are not as intensive in the music composition department and are more about the feel of the scene during the in-game conversations. Keep tuned in – we plan to share some of these tracks soon!

Andy has completed the narrative up through world 5 and is working to complete the rest over the next couple of weeks. We have been also making some small tweaks to the dialogue to clean them up, make them more cohesive, and tie in more character development for Mr. Tofu and the rest of the important characters.

Bug Fixes

Again, some minor bug fixes, but nothing too huge:

  • Fixed an issue in which the boss levels would not progress properly if the player was hit by a Tengu.
  • Increased the visibility in boss stages to allow for more planning and balance the difficulty.
  • Fixed some clipping issues and positioning of the Kitsune and foxfire line in the boss stages.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented completion of some of the levels with the Soul Split game mechanic.


tofu indie puzzle game progress 2015-01-21

Next steps

The spotlight for the next couple of the weeks is building our digital and social media marketing strategies. We have little to no experience in this, so it is sure to be a huge mountain to climb!
We are also looking for more people to do some testing, so please contact us if you are interested in helping us out! Until next time!




Indie game developers from Pittsburgh, PA. We are dedicated to bringing you unique audio, visual, and gameplay experiences. Currently developing the story-driven puzzle game "A Tofu Tail" .

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