ATT Progress Update (with more art and music!)

Ryan Brolley —  February 4, 2015 — Leave a comment

Hey everyone!

We have another small indie game dev update, mainly due to marketing strategy planning and such (which we hope to share at some point) – but some solid progress even so.


We started adding polish to some of the more jarring aspects of the game (i.e. objects immediately disappearing rather than having an interesting animation)

The player can now progress in the level start/end menu with a single button rather than requiring mouse input or selecting menu options.

And some slight alterations to the music manager to include different music in the dialogue scenes. Previously, all worlds had the same ambiance music track, but that has been expanded to include a different track for each world to set the mood and tone for those chapters in Mr. Tofu’s journey.


We are still running full force through alpha, and getting some good feedback from those of you who have been helping us out!

Of those suggestions, we have improved the transition flow to allow for better progression controls between levels for the player. In addition, the camera control functionality has been improved to move better during game play – though we still want to add some slight adjustments.

No new levels yet since the previous update, but that will change over the next weeks 🙂


The banner mentioned in our last update is not quite finished yet, but we do have some new concept art for ya!

The Celestial Kitsune is waiting for its coloring ^.^ That Nine-Tails is just so intimidating! Watch out for that sly fox!

Music / Narrative

Tom has been a music producing beast recently! He has finalized a bunch of the core stage and boss tracks, created a whole new song for the tutorial levels (and it fits pretty darn nicely I might add), and created about half of the ambiance pieces for the story bits.

Definitely a treat for the ears! But don’t just take our word for it, take a listen:

Bug Fixes

Again, some minor bug fixes, but nothing too huge:

  • Random song selection no longer crashes the game 10% of the time
  • Camera now centers correctly in dialogue scenes regardless of what mode it was in during previous stages
  • Fixed camera toggle issue that would crash the game if the camera wasn’t in the initial “follow” mode


Next steps

Again, marketing strategy is our biggest hurdle right now, but its moving along nicely for us. Lots of reading, and spread sheeting, and thinking, though! The next month is going to be crazy busy working on marketing, events, development… The list goes on. Everything is coming to an end point and we want to get this game out there to all of you as soon as possible.

And as a final note, we are still looking for people to help with alpha testing – finding bugs, providing suggestions and comments, helping us with the progression of the levels’ difficulty, etc –  so please  contact us if you are interested! Until next time!


Ryan Brolley


Gamer, geek, mathematician; Currently working on a game called "A Tofu Tail"; Programmer, artist, and game designer for alchemedium

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