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Hey everyone – Brolley here!

We apologize for the past missing updates – things got crazy busy in the preparation and attendance of this year’s Game Developer’s Conference. We will be back up to speed next week on updates to A Tofu Tail, fully recharged and back on track after the awesome trip to San Francisco!

GDC 2015

Overall, our recent accomplishments have been the pretty substantial progress in polish and narrative, as well as fleshing out our operational and marketing plans. I feel the business things are becoming pretty solid and really want to jump back full force into the remaining development work in A Tofu Tail.

You are so business Mr. Tofu!


GDC was eye-opening and super-exhausting; however, definitely worth the trip! I’ve learned so much, and I wasn’t even able to hear any of the conference’s talks! (I had only grabbed the Expo Floor pass due to the steep jump in cost for the others, and since it was my first GDC)

And boy was GDC overwhelming at first…

There was so much to do: there is the Expo floor, not to mention the large number of presentations, IGF, Indie MEGABOOTH, the career/business center area, and the multitude of parties. Then there was the sheer number of people, and not just within the indie circles or from the customer viewpoint, as I had experienced from IndieCade and PAX East, but from all areas of the industry.

This was all very intimidating – many of these people have been in the industry many, many years more than my (not even) three years. After a while, however, this pressured feeling turned to a refreshing one. For all that was going on, everyone seemed very passionate and willing to help.

Hearing stories of other developers’ struggles and triumphs of those struggles was very invigorating. I realized that we are not the only ones tackling these problems, and that they are surmountable. It was awesome discussing issues in the industry, game design and development, and just having fun with like-minded, and passionate, individuals.

Best of all, I made many great contacts and new friends and even met up with old friends that I met at various other conventions over the past years, including IndieCade and PAX. I now, after the past week, totally understand the post-GDC depression that others had mentioned to me; I am missing the supportive atmosphere and awesome people already…

But now that GDC is over and I’ve (mostly) overcome that little slump, I’ll be getting back to coding and adding some shiny new polish to A Tofu Tail!

Coding / Design

Design is where a majority of our recent changes have been popping up – such as polishing some of the rough edges that existed in A Tofu Tail for quite a while now, making some other necessary design alterations to controls, user interface, camera control, flow, etc.

We have also been testing builds to tablets in order to start working on the slight alterations to interface and controls required for the platform change. We want (and need) the player to remain immersed and for the game to flow seamlessly throughout the play experience regardless of the platform.

Goin' mobile!

Art / Music

One of the upcoming core focuses has been adding additional animations for several of the characters and their interactions with the environments and one another – making things look really SHINY! We plan to start building our official marketing materials and trailers soon, so we want them to look as close to the final experience as possible.


Of the tasks that needed to be completed, the story and narrative is one thing that we have been pushing off slightly. We’ve been waiting to tie the story together until most of the dialogue was written – both because of the dynamic nature of the story writing up to this point, as well as the fact that of our list of possible endings to the story, none had really fully captured our excitement.

Having a complete and interesting story has been an important goal for us since the inception of Mr. Tofu’s journey. And now, with the help of Andy and his writing skills, we have finalized the direction of the narrative and have tied up the final main plot points of the story of A Tofu Tail. All that remains now is the in-game dialogue itself!

Next steps

We hope to have more details from A Tofu Tail development soon, as we still have a good bit to tell everyone! So catch up with us next time for more updates. We also wish to leave you with a question this week:

We’ve shared general updates, mechanics design, and a few other things so far – but what part of A Tofu Tail’s development are you most interested in hearing about?




Indie game developers from Pittsburgh, PA. We are dedicated to bringing you unique audio, visual, and gameplay experiences. Currently developing the story-driven puzzle game "A Tofu Tail" .

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