A Tofu Tail – New Art and an Original Soundtrack? Crazy!

alchemedium —  June 17, 2015 — Leave a comment

This is a pretty hefty game progress update this week – new art, music, narrative, etc. Just craziness!

The CREATE Festival was an awesome experience and we got to meet a bunch of awesome people and show off A Tofu Tail!

createpgh festival all the people createpgh festival a tofu tail createpgh festival developers

It also gave the alchemedium team a chance to catch up on things and brainstorm on some things in person. We also got some new stuff from Andy, Tom, and Sean, so let’s jump right in and check out the new stuff!


Sean has been super hard at work producing all of the art assets that we will need for the A Tofu Tail gameplay trailer, alchemedium Metaverse posts, as well as in-game content.

Everything art-wise for the final cutscenes has been planned out and is ready for sketching out. Though these will be coming along a little later in time, we will be getting a pretty steady flow other things including the dialogue portraits.

Here we have Mr. Tofu…

a tofu tail mr tofu

and the Earth Kitsune!a tofu tail earth kitsune



Probably one of the biggest accomplishments so far and most exciting news is that Tom has now completed the composition of all tracks in the game! We have just about 16 core songs in the game, most of which are now mastered, implemented into game, and exported as mp3s for the OST.

He also has a little bit of audio work to do for a subset of the sound effects, and a few ambiance tracks to finalize. But not to worry, as these should be arriving in short duration!

Official Soundtrack

Speaking of the original soundtrack, we should be starting to release those and posting them up on Tom’s (Orbital Blaze’s) Bandcamp page very shortly!

We also have been planning out the album art for the cover of the album and the Bandcamp. Many a picture was taken this past week and we will soon show what we shot!

Narrative and the alchemedium Metaverse

As far as the narrative goes, the plot for the story ending has been finalized – and Brolley and Andy are in the process of scripting out and working on finishing up the accompanying dialogue for these sections. This is one of the more critical sections of dialogue and narrative in A Tofu Tail, as the story and plot points are being tied up and the resolution of the story is being presented. This should take a little bit more time to get right and flowing properly.

On the side, though, Andy has been writing the lore pieces for the alchemedium Metaverse, and Brolley has been building the associated pages for the website. Here is a peek at the work-in-process Metaverse site!

a tofu tail alchemedium metaverse wip

Next Steps

We are starting to plan for distribution of A Tofu Tail and Tom’s OST soon – and even the promised regular stories and lore from the alchemedium universe, as well! Things are starting to move faster and faster downhill towards that finish line!

We’ve got some crazy awesome things coming up soon! So until next time, keep on ploppin’!




Indie game developers from Pittsburgh, PA. We are dedicated to bringing you unique audio, visual, and gameplay experiences. Currently developing the story-driven puzzle game "A Tofu Tail" .

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