A Tofu Tail – Beautiful Music Deserves Beautiful Art

alchemedium —  July 29, 2015 — Leave a comment

Now that all of the amazing music is essentially mastered for our indie game A Tofu Tail, Tom is planning on releasing the tracks of the soundtrack up on Bandcamp!

We will have more details on the actual releases for everyone incredibly soon… so for now, keep your eyes peeled and ears open!

A Tofu Tail OST Album Art

Jess Sell has pulled out her design expertise to produce this beautiful album cover art for the official A Tofu Tail original soundtrack!

alchemedium orbital blaze a tofu tail ost cover small

Jess has graciously taken these awesome photos of our Kitsune mask and tofu friends for use in the album cover (seen below). These photos are a sort of homage to the beginning of the A Tofu Tail story, where the wandering woodsman is turned into tofu by the Kitsune woman while deep in the forest.

Oh, and something else that is awesome: we would like to mention that we also have a sweet Kitsune mask (Seen in these photos) that was designed and produced by Andrea at Merimask – go check out her work; it is fantastic!

alchemedium ost cover kitsune tofu varation 1 medium alchemedium ost cover kitsune tofu varation 4 medium alchemedium ost cover kitsune tofu varation 3 medium alchemedium ost cover kitsune tofu varation 2 medium

On top of these photos and album cover, Jess has additionally designed a pretty sweet banner for Tom (Orbital Blaze)’s Bandcamp page as well:

alchemedium orbital blaze bandcamp banner

As mentioned, be prepared for the release of Tom’s awesome magical musical genius coming up super shortly!

Metaverse – Magatama Jewels

Last but not least, we posted a new page to the alchemedium lore page: the Magatama Jewels!

alchemedium a tofu tail metaverse magatama jewels S

The Magatama Jewels are magical relics from ancient lore that can mysteriously imbue the user with enhanced power, strength, and abilities. They are the main driving force for Mr. Tofu’s folly and actions throughout the story of A Tofu Tail.

Check it out!




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