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Hey all! We’ve been super busy finishing up the core A Tofu Tail experience; working through building the new mechanics, making sure they are functional (as well as fun) has been pretty exhausting, but we think it is worth it! Making sure these mechanics are solid and cohesive is very important to us.

The design and feel of the boss levels was another important piece of the game-dev puzzle that we wanted to get right, and with that finished, we only had a few things left to pull together. With the final feature in A Tofu Tail finished – the reverse movement option – we are excited to announce that…

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As promised last week, we’ve compiled a gallery of new screenshots showcasing the volcano, celestial and club worlds. Click the jump to view the gallery.

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12-22-12: We Won!

alchemedium —  December 22, 2012 — 2 Comments

One more thing the Mayans couldn’t predict….

…that alchemedium was going to win one of the 13 OUYA early dev kits; part of their #myouyagame contest!  We were pleasantly surprised (and honored) to see a tweet this afternoon from @playouya notifying us that we were one of three lucky winners for the final day of the giveaway promotion, alongside Snow Castle and Tyrus Peace.  Here is the post on reddit describing what made them choose us!  The alchemedium team would like to thank everyone who retweeted and favorited our tweets twitter; without you we couldn’t have won.

Finally, a small update on the other going-on’s:

  • Programming is back to where it was before the we started the Java port, and everything is running smooth as butter
  • Tom has been working hard on the next piece of music, the final stage music, and we should be hearing a WIP soon
  • Finishing touches are being added to our title logo, which should also be finished soon
  • and this…

A Tofu Tail icon

And with that, we wish you all a Happy Holiday.  Check back next week for some pictures of our upcoming snowboarding excursion!

A Tofu Tail

alchemedium —  December 1, 2012 — 6 Comments

It’s official, we have finally settled on a name for our game!

A Tofu Tail

A fairy tale of a man-turned-tofu by a deceptive kitsune, racing through the vivid, puzzle-filled maze realms of the foxes in search of a way to break his curse.


  • Addicting puzzle gameplay that features additional challenges as you progress through each new realm
  • Procedurally generated levels that allow each player to experience the game differently
  • Multiple objectives per level for added challenges and replay-ability (completionists will love this!)
  • Unique art style, all completely hand-drawn
  • Retro soundtrack with a blend of 8bit chiptunes and modern sounds
  • Whimsical story heavily influenced by Japanese folklore

So what are we working on now?  The main menu layout is finalized, so now we just need to finish programming it’s functionality.  The core game mechanics are complete, as is the level generation algorithm.  We’ve gotten the main plot nailed down and have moved on to writing the actual dialogue and narration.  And finally, we’ve started porting to Java in preparation for OUYA’s launch in the spring (note:  Android, PC, Mac, and Linux releases to follow soon after).

I know we haven’t shown any in-game footage yet, but trust us when we say we are silly with anticipation to show some gameplay videos.  Keep your ears and eyes open, as we get closer to completing our demo (the first 10 stages + boss battle!) we will post a video update.

I just thought I’d update all of our new followers on the happenings at alchemedium as of late.  We are still working hard on art assets, front end,  and testing/finalizing of gameplay mechanics.  We’ve recruited our friend Andy Randas to help out with the story bits (dialogue and “cut-scenes”), and Tom has finished the first track in our series of boss songs.  If you look above you’ll see our finalized logo, courtesy of Jessica Sell.  The cover art to our soundtrack is still in the works, but should be finished soon.  We are also getting ready to meet with lawyers for expensive and boring legal stuff.  Things are moving along at a good pace, and we are all more excited than we ever were to get this game finished and into your hands to play (well technically you can’t hold digital things, but whatevs)!

As a cool bonus to keep everyone else excited, here are some of of our crazy cool art things below:

We hope everyone has an awesome Turkey Day (naps FTW)!