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Music is mastered, and the album art for the A Tofu Tail OST has been completed! Be prepared for more awesome!

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I just thought I’d update all of our new followers on the happenings at alchemedium as of late.  We are still working hard on art assets, front end,  and testing/finalizing of gameplay mechanics.  We’ve recruited our friend Andy Randas to help out with the story bits (dialogue and “cut-scenes”), and Tom has finished the first track in our series of boss songs.  If you look above you’ll see our finalized logo, courtesy of Jessica Sell.  The cover art to our soundtrack is still in the works, but should be finished soon.  We are also getting ready to meet with lawyers for expensive and boring legal stuff.  Things are moving along at a good pace, and we are all more excited than we ever were to get this game finished and into your hands to play (well technically you can’t hold digital things, but whatevs)!

As a cool bonus to keep everyone else excited, here are some of of our crazy cool art things below:

We hope everyone has an awesome Turkey Day (naps FTW)!